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A well-crafted story, told with passion, is the key getting your audience to act. A story is one of the best tools there is for combining information, emotion, and human relationships.

Storytelling for Non-profits
Thank you for your interest in storytelling for non-profits. You and I have that in common!

Money, time and social capital. These were the most desired commodities of the nonprofit for the past several decades. And that was enough, for a while. To get them you presented your need, your plan and your proficiencies. Now, money, time and social capital all flow from one point…


How do you get attention for the cause you are passionate about? By telling a compelling story. Critical steps when storytelling for non-profits

  1. Tell your story. Whether in person, through video, or print; get your story out there. Refine it later (contact me, I can help), but get it out there!
  2. Make it personal. As odd as it sounds, the most personal story is also the most universal. Focus on the benefactors of your organization.
  3. Realize that people make decisions based on emotion and intuition, not reason. Keep your stats in small bites separate from your story.

Human brains are structured to understand and process stories. Telling a good story allows us to engage the audience and encourage them to make a decision they can be happy with and will stay committed to. Tell a good story and you’ll have their attention, not just for the moment, but as a commitment to your endeavor.

I have 24 years of experience working in and with 501(c)3 non-profit organizations. Right now, my passion is storytelling and helping others learn how to tell stories. As a part of that passion I am the Vice President of the Bellingham Storytellers Guild, a non-profit educational organization that has the same need for storytelling and attention as any other non-profit!

As an organizational storyteller, I’ve had triumphs and spectacular failures, both of which have helped me understand what makes an effective story for non-profit organizations. If you’d like to have me come talk to your non-profit about storytelling for, an in, your organization, please fill out the contact form below. Contact me too, if you’d simply like to talk about the intersection of storytelling and non-profits.

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