SAXTON Storytelling in Community

Nothing connected me with the people around me like telling a story. I looked in their eyes, and they in mine. Over the course of an evening we all spoke and we all listened.

I fell in love with storytelling.

Storytelling Performances
I was a stunningly-introverted young man. But I learned in my teenage years that if I was in a position where I could guide the conversation, connect with a person or a crowd as part of a flow that I understood, then I was golden. I quickly realized that flow was Story. It was something I was intimately connected too and I found that just about everyone I met had some desire for story as well.

I tell stories now several times a month, for audiences small and large. Nothing, other than time with my family, gives me as much joy or energy as telling stories for, and with, people. If you are visiting this page, then I think you and I are not so different. Story connects us all, moves through our lives and private thoughts alike.

I would be happy to come tell stories to you and your community, whether that is your family, tribe, school, church, or book club. I have so many stories to share and am always happy to tailor a performance to theme or the season. I tell folk tales, fairy tales, and stories historical or personal.

I tell on a sliding scale, happy to accept charity, chickens, or cash. If you are interested in having me come tell stories for you, please fill out the contact form below.

Contact me — Let's talk about a Storytelling concert for you and your community

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